About Buzzzzby Stories
I wrote these story books and created these characters
from a love of animals especially bees.  I started writing
these stories as well as creating the artwork at the
age of 50, on a night when I couldn’t sleep because
my husband was snoring! 
Now 3 books later and more books on the way,
you could say its kept me buzzzzy!

I have also been commissioned to create limited edition prints of my characters, which are available from this website as well as books, book marks, jewellery, Buzzzzby Club.

If someone has said to me that I would have written a child’s story book I would have laughed at them as I am dyslexic.
My books are suitable for ages 4-7 years although it’s a great book to read to them at bedtime.

I am pleased to introduce you to Buzzzzby’s world and all his friends.

I hope you enjoy the stories as much as I have enjoyed writing them.